Sushi Cat 5

    Sushi cat 5 is the fifth version of the game series named Sushi cat. This series was developed and released by Armor games, which is a very famous game developer. Armor games is famous for many games including the series of Sushi cat.

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    Up to now, the series has five versions. Each version has it owned outstanding features that attract a lot of players. However, generally, the rules, the controls and the options have no significant difference.
In all five versions, you play as a blue cat who always wants to become bigger for some reasons. Sometimes he wants to become big enough to enter to a place. Sometimes, he wants to big enough to take back his wife. Sometimes, he wants to big enough to save his wife and other animals.


    If you take some notice and link the stories of the blue cat in five versions together, you will realize that the five stories are about the cat’s life. In the first version, he meets his future wife and tries to chase after her. The missions in the game are to help him resolve problems to chase after his future wife. In the second version, he and his future wife are dating and some problems happen. He has to take his future wife back to him. In the third version, there are problems that occur when he and his wife are on full moon holiday. And the two last versions is the problems after marrying.

    The problems in each version are different, but the missions in each level and the whole game are similar. In all the games of the series, you have to help the blue cat eat as much sushi as possible. The cat will roll from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. He eats sushi on his rolling way. In each level, the order of the sushi differs from the other levels. In addition, there are some things among the sushi to hinder you from eating sushi. There are stable things and moving things. Those things differ from levels to levels in shape, size, moving way. Therefore, if you want to complete the missions of the levels, you have to choose the best time and best place to drop the cat form the top of the screen.


    Besides, there are some helps for you in the levels. To get the help, you have to answer a very easy question or finish a task. However, the help is limited. So you must use it at suitable time cleverly.

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