Sushi Cat

    Sushi cat is a game that was developed by Armor games. Do you like Japan? Do you like sushi? Have you ever been to Japan? Have you ever eaten Japan’s special dish – sushi? If your answer for one of these questions. You should try playing this game once.

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About the game

    Sushi cat was developed and released by Armor game. It is a very cute game with colorful design. In the game, you play as a male cat. He sees a beautiful female cat in a store through the glass of the store. He falls in love with her immediately and wants to get in the store to be approach her. However, he can’t be in because he has no money to pay for entrance.

    Then, the game starts. Your mission is to help him to pass all the levels to earn money to come in the store. In each level, there is lots of sushi in different orders. You must drop the cat and he will roll down to the bottom and eat the sushi on his way down. All you have to do is to drop the cat at suitable place so that he can eat as much sushi as possible. To complete the mission of each level, you have to make your cat eat the number of sushi that the game requires. Moreover, there are some things there hindering you. In the first levels, the things there hindering you are stable, but then, there are moving things to changes your cat’s way.


    After finishing the first 5 levels, the cat come back to the store to see the female cat, she isn’t there. She got on the bus to leave. So the amative cat continues earning money to gets on the bus. The game continues in this way.


    In the game, you just have to use the mouse. You move the mouse to choose where to drop the cat to make best result. To get in the next level, click on the number of the level.



    The game saves automatically. You don’t have to do anything to save it. There are some buttons on the screen for you to turn back, to turn of the music and sound or to replay.

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